• Sarmaye Bank inaugurated the bridge of Shahrara village in Chalous city (North of Iran)

      Sarmaye Bank inaugurated the bridge of Shahrara village in Chalous city (North of Iran)

      Sarmaye Bank inaugurated the bridge of Shahrara village in Chalous city (North of Iran)

      Simultaneously with the celebration of the government week and the week of Islamic banking, with the support of Sarmaye Bank, the bridge of the Shahrara village, located in the Chalous city, inaugurated on Wednesday,30 August 2017, with the presence of the governor and officials of the Chalous city, the MANAGING DIRECTOR and members of the board of directors and a group of senior managers of the Sarmaye Bank

      Chalous's governor, Nasser Zandi, at the beginning of the ceremony, thanked and appreciated the attention of the Sarmaye Bank to this area and its role in acting towards social responsibility, and stated that this action of the Sarmaye Bank will remain in the minds of the people of this region. Referring to the fact that almost all previous projects in the area were run from public organizations, he added: "This social action has been done by a private bank for the people and the students, is a very worthwhile and admirable measure.

      He continued: "About two years ago, we came to the news that the people of Shahrara village are using a cable bridge built by the people themselves to move to the urban area, which put a lot of danger to students and people and Unfortunately, the promises of the government officials to build the bridge for the village did not come to an end, until the MANAGING DIRECTOR of the Sarmeye bank in a message announced bank's readiness to build the bridge, and by the help of God, by the efforts of the bank's colleagues, all the steps of design, Implementation, construction and financing of this bridge carried out by the Sarmaye Bank and today this project is being operational.

      Chalous Governor described this action, on the basis of Bank philanthropist's view to solve the problems of the people and social development, and expressed his hope that by promoting this godly act, a good model will be formed among other organizations, and others would, in view of this, Promote for these kinds of benevolent and social affairs. Zandi said that this worthwhile effort is the consequence of Sarmaye Bank colleagues at the Chalous Branch, as well as the provincial Sherriff, and we are very pleased that the people of this region will enjoy its sweetness during the week of Government.

      In the following, Alireza Pouyan Shad, the managing director of Sarmaye Bank, after expressing congratulatory message for the Government week and respect for the Islamic banking week, added that "Islamic Iran should be developed and everyone should be involved in this development as much as possible." The Sarmaye Bank considers these kinds of benevolent activity as its duty, so from the very beginning, there has not been any propaganda campaign on this project.

      Pouyan Shad expressed his hope that this action would be a model for other organizations to participate in the affairs related to the social responsibility and welfare of the people. He added: "Other banks have also done good things in other areas such as the releasing of prisoners and ...in a way that in this regard, the Sarmaye Bank, considering its capacity and ability, has a credible and worthwhile resume for its role in acting Social responsibilities. At the end, he meantime congratulated the bridge's reopening on the people of the region, added: "We are very glad that the efforts of our colleagues at the Sarmaye Bank achieved coincided with the Government week and we witnessed the opening of this bridge and the delight of the people of this region at this blessing week.

      Following the ceremony, Dr. Alireza Akbari Masouleh, a member of the board of directors, congratulated the Government week and the week of Islamic banking on the ceremony, asserting: "We are glad that we were able to solve the problem of the people of this village, although small, for the purpose of development and presenting social services in order to Take on the responsibilities of the bank in the field of social responsibility. As you know, a large part of the Sarmaye bank's shares belong to renowned teachers that the construction of this bridge and the connection of the village of Shahrara to the educational facilities and the ease of movement of students and teachers to the school was a small service provided by the Sarmaye Bank to the people of the area and this The elevated stratum was performed.

      It is worth mentioning that at the end of this ceremony, the gifts were granted for the commemoration and thanks to the Mr.Pouyan Shad, the managing director of the Sarmaye Bank, on behalf of governor, provincial sheriff and district deputy, by the honorable Friday Prayer Imam of Chalus city .It should be noted that the construction of the bridge of the Shahrara village with a length of 40 meters has been completed within two months and the whole process of construction of the bridge was designed, constructed, implemented and financed by the Sarmaye Bank.

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