• Blood donation by Sarmaye Bank staff

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      Blood donation by Sarmaye Bank staff

      Blood donation by Sarmaye Bank staff

      In order to promote the culture of donating blood, volunteer colleagues donated blood .According to the Public Relations of Sarmaye Bank, blood donors donated their blood on Saturday, July 29, with the attendance of Blood donation team at the bank's head quarter.

      In this godly action, welcomed by the managers and staff of the Sarmaye Bank, Amjad Khezri, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sarmaye Bank, was present at the Blood donation site to participate in this humanitarian practice, while appreciating the planning and implementation of this important matter in the Sarmaye Bank Which has brought about the organization's vitality and happiness, stated that:

      As it has been always being said, "blood donation is a donation of life" and we should appreciate this divine blessing and use it in the way of helping the needy people, because in this work is the salvation of God and the salvation of human lives.

      Mojtaba Zamanian, the head of the Board Members Dept., who participated in this event, praised the implementation of the Blood donation program at the Sarmaye Bank, said that one of the components of creating empathy among bank's colleagues is to take part in benevolent affairs and donating blood is one of the humanitarian affair that, in addition to God's pleasure, has being the health of the body and the help of allies by itself.

      He also stated that participation in collective and group programs increases the spirits of colleagues, which directly affects their productivity and efficiency, and this shows the importance of implementing such programs in organizations.

      It is worth noting that this benevolent action was carried out by the Welfare Dept. of the Sarmae Bank in cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Organization, which was welcomed by the executives and staff of the bank.

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