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      Saramye Bank (the Private Commercial Banking Services) provides financial advisory services and arranges of loan requirements for domestic and overseas corporate, which carried out in coordination with our corporate International Banking Group. Such as Trade Finance, International Treasury, this bank would like to inform the customers that it should be our great pleasure to provide for our Bank's eager customers who might be able to subscribe of the Foreign Exchange and Money Market and The Dealing Room Services.

      Saramye Bank is ready to undertake for any real and legal entity of domestic and overseas bank's customer which is permitted by law to use the treasury accounts the competitive prices in the field of Spot Exchange Money Market should you wish to introduce your bank with our dealer, kindly contact us with your name and address in your bank to ensure a proper each other, General Loan, Retail Banking, if the customers wants to open an irrevocable documentary Import & Export Letter of Credits (LC) recommended to contact the Bank to discuss on the general terms in setting up LC opening lines for exposure in their favor, the import agreement of the bank specifies the detail terms and conditions of the LC line furthermore, the LC is advised by telephone, fax or mail to the beneficiary immediately on arrival of the LC at the Bank. The LC is delivered to the customer at Bank, The LC is transferable to the third party at the request of the origin in case the LC allows transfer, it is recommended for the customer if signature and / or seal to the Bank, if there is an instruction to add confirmation, the bank will add confirm LC at the request of beneficiary, in case the LC is restricted to the Bank negotiation., the beneficiary may request through their local bank to restriction of negotiation from the Bank. The sight bill with shipping documents presented is negotiated by the discount the export bill or the export bill is forwarded to the opening collection under the discretion of the bank, in order for the Bank to debit bill, the credit lines for exposure for the customer should be establish advance. The customer should sign the prescribed Export Transaction and submit it to the Bank, also if you would like to issue letter of guarantee, add confirmation on the call the Bank and discuss on the terms and conditions of issuing LG confirmation. The Bank would like to inform that the credit lines for the exposure should be established in advance.

      Saramye Bank also participates in syndications of corporate loans arranged by our International Banking Partners for short and medium term requirements, by formulating and offering its Forex business plan in accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

      Sarmaye Bank has obtained the necessary concessions of currency activities, in such a way that all customers may want to acquaint themselves with to take advantage of the bank's currency services.

      Furthermore, the Bank has taken advantages of high technology equipments for purpose of rendering quick and safe services, which then leads to customer satisfaction.

      Finally, the Bank officially joined the global Swift in Feb 4th, 2007

      Any real and legal entity of domestic and overseas bank's customer is permitted by law to use the mentioned suggestion as specified above.

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