• Documrntary Collections

      Documrntary Collections

      Our documentary collections solution enables you to pay – or receive payment – for goods securely. The seller ships the goods and provides documents to their bank requesting them to collect payment.

      The banks in the seller's and buyer's countries then work together to ensure the documents are released only after payments are made.

      • Documentary collections at a glance
        • Documents against payment (D/P):
          • Documents are forwarded for examination, acceptance and payment to importer through the correspondent bank.
          • If payment is received on due date, transport documents are released to importer and payment is deposited into the account of the beneficiary (exporter).
          • Subsequent access to goods by importer.
        • Documents against acceptance (D/A):
          • Exporter ships the goods in accordance with the terms of the agreement to the importer.
          • Transport documents and bills of exchange are forwarded to the correspondent bank for examination by importer.
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