• International Money Transfers

      International Money Transfers

      Sending and receiving international payments is quick, reliable and secure at Sarmayeh. You can send or receive money globally through our network of local and international correspondent banks.

      • International money transfers at a glance
        • Outward transfers:
          • Visit a foreign exchange branch of Sarmayeh Bank.
          • Complete transfer application form, providing the beneficiary's name, address, account details and transfer currency.
        • Inward transfers:
          • Receive money from anywhere in the world through our network of correspondent banks.
          • Beneficiary receives money shortly following receipt of payment order from correspondent bank.
          • Money can be received at the designated branch of Sarmayeh.
          • Transfer can be deposited into Sarmayeh currency account or converted to Rial equivalent or any other available currency (at the daily exchange rate).
    • International Banking

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