• Credit Facilities

      Credit Facilities

      Sometimes in life and business, you may lack the necessary finance to pay for your plans. That's where Sarmayeh can help, with a selection of credit facilities for individuals and businesses. Sarmayeh offers its credit facilities within the framework of the Islamic Banking Law, in the form of profit-sharing or partnership contracts where the profit and loss are shared by the bank and the customer. Examples include:

      • Equity Participation
        Equity participation is a partnership agreement between you and Sarmayeh, where we provide the necessary funds for developing or procuring fixed assets. Offered mainly to finance projects in fields such as construction, mining, manufacturing and agriculture.
      • Profit Sharing
        Profit sharing primarily provides you with working capital and trade finance for such activities as importing raw materials.
      • Credit Sale
        A credit sale contract involves Sarmayeh providing you with the capital you need to purchase goods. Credit is paid back through instalments after a fixed initial term.
      • Hire Purchase
        With a hire purchase solution, Sarmayeh provides you with capital for buying assets, for example, housing. You then repay the credit in instalments. At the end of the contract's term, ownership transfers to you.
    • Retail Banking

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