• Savings Deposit Account

      Savings Deposit Account

      A savings deposit account with Sarmayeh provides you with an excellent opportunity to grow your money in a secure environment. Sarmayeh offers its savings deposit account under the Usury-Free Banking Act of 1983. Deposits are accepted in the form of investment contracts. Provisional return is calculated on a daily basis and paid into the account at the month-end. Provisional interim payments are adjusted at the year-end, based on the actual return on investment activities carried out by the bank – less commission fee of 2 percent (maximum).

      • Savings deposit account at a glance
        • For individuals or companies.
        • Ideal for everyday banking transactions.
        • ATM card issued on request.
        • Deposit and withdraw money at any Sarmayeh branch or by using the Sarmayeh ATM card at any ATMs connected to the Shetab system.
    • Retail Banking

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